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IT Rapid Support Inc. is a Canadian privately-owned company founded in 2008. Our point of difference is that we specialize in Apple systems, partnered with an array of ICT services to support education, enterprise and business. Our team of ICT consultants are professionally trained and certified to deliver excellence in networking, security, device management, training, point of sale, cloud systems, integration and procurement. Our range of services are broad, yet specifically formulated to deliver only the most effective solutions. We frequently evaluate our workflows and product offerings to promote continual service improvement throughout the technology lifecycle of your organisation’s systems.


The most integral and defining factor attributed to our growth is our intuitive, nimble and empowered team. We are blessed with incredible and diverse ICT specialists that have amazing personalities, skillsets and communication skills. At IT Rapid Support Inc., we embrace a fun and exciting work environment that offers consistent professional & personal development, challenges, freedom, travel and support that has morphed in to an ethos of team collaboration, laughs and friendship.  


Environmental sustainability is factored into every strategy and business decision. We take responsible environmental management very seriously, so we do everything we can to minimise our environmental footprint. Our end-of-life machines are stripped of reusable material and recycled so they do not end up as landfill. Our packaging materials are manufactured in recyclable cardboard and polystyrene. Our cars adhere to some of the lowest emission and petrol consumption standards on the market.

Health preservation and modern research articles are taken very seriously in light of the seemingly unknown effects of radio waves around us. When devising the placement of wireless access points, we ensure that best effort is made to minimise radio waves passing through the body en route to end devices.


Our clients are our business and we do everything in our power to foster that relationship and maximize their satisfaction of our services. We communicate every step and take ownership of challenges to create solutions. Above all else, we care about our clients and we know that our efforts turn in to results. The results that keep us striving to be better than we were yesterday.


We have established and fostered exceptional relationships with many of the world’s leading IT companies including Apple, Cisco, Google and Microsoft just to name a few. Our business vision is to continue the growth of our team, leverage the scope of our support and increase the volume and diversity of our client base.

community involvement

IT Rapid Support is pleased to announce that SickKids Foundation was selected as the “Charity of Choice” in support of children’s health.  

We’re proud to select SickKids Foundation as our corporate charity. As a family-run business with strong family values, it makes perfect sense to support a charitable organization that does so much for so many families across our province, Canada and around the world.”  The partnership falls under the company’s corporate social responsibility program. Many of our customers as well as our IT Rapid Support employees have been patients at SickKids, or know of family or friends in the community that has been helped by SickKids.

By providing opportunities to donate to SickKids, both customers and employees have eagerly welcomed the chance to support SickKids. “A special thank you to our customers, staff and all of whom have been extremely generous in their support.”

A portion of the proceeds from our invoices are donated to the SickKids to help build a state-of-the-art hospital with the most up-to-date clinical facilities, rapidly translate research into new cures and treatments, and partner with other institutions to deliver better care locally and globally. With this support, SickKids is able to deploy funding to the areas of greatest need: essential infrastructure and medical equipment, bold new research, and critical programs and partnerships.


We are a proud and dedicated member of the Apple Consultants Network.

This means that we are committed to staying up to date with the latest Apple certifications. It assures that we know what we are doing when configuring your Mac computer, server, network and iOS devices. We work with many vendors and partners to ensure that we can offer outstanding solutions around all of our business IT services.

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Improve your workflow. Improve your business.

Nine times out of ten the productivity and inefficiency in any business is strongly correlated with the workflows or operability of the IT ecosystem.

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